Angled cleaving of optical fiber for reduced back-reflection

Angled cleaving for reduced back-reflection

Oxford Fiber is the home of optical fiber cleaving, producing angled fiber ends for FTTx and for pigtailing to photonic devices. We design, develop and manufacture some of the world’s leading products for preparing the ends of optical fiber.

We offer angled cleavers for single or ribbon fibers. We specialise in producing the best cleavers in the world using our patented technology. We work with our customers to develop the best solutions to their problems.

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Telecommunications uses light travelling in an optical fiber and fundamental to this technology is the ability to produce a cleaved end face so that the light can get in and out of the optical fiber. Oxford produces angled cleaved ends so that the back-reflection from the cleaved end face is removed, avoiding optical noise in the telecoms system.

Our Ox-SAC-08 and Ox-SAP-08 cleave single optical fibers. Typically they are used in the field for installation of pre-terminated optical connectors. The angled end is of great use for low-back-reflection over the full operating temperature range. These cleavers are protected by European and US patents.

Our Ox-RAC-08 angle cleaves multiple optical fibers in a ribbon. This ability is truly unique and of great use to customers who  want to connect optical fibers to planar optical waveguides such as laser, detectors and splitters.
The HSAFC-2008 high precision angled cleaver is well suited to factory applications in which control of the exact end angle is important.

We also offer the HSTC-2001/080 perpendicular cleaver which produces the most accurate cleave for small diameter optical fibers.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

In challenging environments in which fusion splicers may not be used, our range of cleavers is designed for mechanically splicing optical fibers together.  The Ox-SAC-08 and Ox-SAP-08 dramatically reduce the back-reflection of the splice and no dangerous sparks are used.

Equally important, we can angle cleave optical fibers without the removal of protective polyimide coatings. The angled cleaves of the Ox-SAC-08 and Ox-SAP-08  increase the integrity of the mechanical splice ensuring that the fiber is not damaged.


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