The home of field-installed fiber optic connectors.

Oxford Fiber is the home of field-installed fiber optic connectors. We produce MPO field-installed connectors and we manufacture the angled cleavers which are used to eliminate optical back-reflection in these connectors and elsewhere.

We offer standard fusion-splice-on MPO connectors with exceptionally low insertion loss of <0.25dB and back-reflection <-60dB. This allows you to configure your network as it is built, whether you are installing FTTP, RAN, CATV, optical backplanes or otherwise.

We also understand that all MPO connectors are susceptible to contamination. If any dust whatsoever is trapped between two mating MPO connectors, the mating fiber ends no longer achieve physical contact. This requires extreme cleaning of the connector and unreliable optical networks. To solve this problem we have designed and manufacture the world’s first anti-reflection-coated, air-gap MPO connector which is made with cleaved fiber ends. The cleaved ends are optically superior to polishing and can be made more reliably. This connector no longer requires physical contact between mating fibers, so dust and cleaning are no longer a problem, so you can install reliable optical networks.

Angled Fiber Cleaving.

We offer angled cleavers for single or ribbon fibers.
We specialise in producing the best cleavers in the world using our patented technology. Our customers use our angled cleavers to install mechanical splice-on-connectors. Mechanical field-installed connectors can be installed faster than fusion-splice-ons with lower capital equipment cost and simpler training. Using our angled cleaver to mate the fiber with the single fiber connector eliminates back-reflections ensuring the connectors work at temperatures extremes of -40°C -+75°C.