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Angle Cleaving

Telecommunications uses light travelling in an optical fiber and fundamental to this technology is the ability to produce a cleaved end face so that the light can get in and out of the optical fiber. Oxford produces angled cleaved ends so that the back-reflection from the cleaved end face is removed, avoiding optical noise in the telecoms system.

The Ox-SAC-08 angle cleaves a single optical fiber. Typically it is used in the field for installation of pre-terminated optical connectors. The angled end ensures that the FAST connectors work across the full operating temperature range.   Alternatively, the Ox-SAC-08 is used to eliminate reflections in fiber sensor arrays such fiber Bragg gratings used in monitoring wind turbine blades. These cleavers are protected by European and US patents.

The Ox-RAC-08 angle cleaves multiple optical fibers in a ribbon. This ability is truly unique and of great use to customers who want to connect optical fibers to planar optical waveguides such as laser, detectors and splitters.