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The Ox-RAC-08 is the world’s only ribbon angled cleaver. The single mode fiber ribbon is stripped and clamped under rubber rings at two points and bent down onto a sharp diamond blade. All optical fibers are cleaved simultaneously. Each fiber is cleaved at an angle of 8° from perpendicular and each fiber has a back-reflection of <-60dB. 


  • Pigtailing fiber ribbons to opto-electronic devices such as laser arrays, detector arrays and planar waveguides


  • Staple action for easy use
  • Rugged construction for field use
  • 3.5mm diamond blade for extended life, replaceable blades
  • Integrated offset bin
  • Benchtop and handheld operation
  • Easy fiber loading using custom holder of “Oxford” holder
  • Compatible with ribbon mechanical splice and MPO connectors


Fiber Diameter: 125μm SMF

Fibers in Ribbon: 1 – 12

Cleave Length: Set by Holder: 8 – 13mm

Cleave Length Variation: 1+/-20μm in ribbon

Cleave Angle: 8º (+/-2º)

Blade Life: > 2,000 ribbons cleaved (blade replaceable)

Dimensions (max): 67mm x 40mm x 79mm long (2.7” x 1.6” x 3.1”)

Weight: 170g (0.4lbs)